Oh….No!!!! I don’t want to be like this when I get old !!

Oh….No!!!! I don’t want to be like this when I get old !!


Do you know??

In the United Kingdom,Prostitution itself (the exchange of sexual services for money) is not a crime !!!

is crack me up !!! 

is crack me up !!! 

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The Hiroshima Tree

Today I visit Tavistock Square in London.  My frend say it nickname is the peace garden.  

In the square is a tree for the victim in Hiroshima.  It seemed good place to pray for Japan.  It make me sad that there is still sadness after blossom.


loveislea said: This is just in response to what you had said about my prostitution discussion.
I didn't mean it to offend anyone, and it isn't solely for "amusement". I like to hear different opinions on serious subjects because often times it helps people see things in a different way and understand a bit more. That's why I also enjoy debating. I understand that things like prostitution are serious; that's why I choose not to joke about them; but instead to hear different ideas regarding them. And, as recent laws were passed in Canada, where I live, to legalize prostitution; I wondered whether people supported this law or not.
There are things that can amuse and educate simultaneously, and my questions were potentially one of them. Serious things like prostitution cannot go unspoken and unheard, so when I said that I found things like that amusing to talk about; it's because I like to be able to see things from different perspectives, they can be amusing at the same time.
Sometimes serious topics need to be talked about in a simple way; because that's how others view them as who weren't necessarily involved in them.
So, sorry if I've offended you in some way. It's just my opinion.

It ok :)  Thx for you so much for your big reply dont worry I not offended. I have thin skin today!  It amazing how the word amusement make me reply.  

I am interested what you finding for answers to your questions and happy that you want to know the answers to the questions.

Escorting is degrading and it powerful.  How big depend on how much a girl control there buisness I think. Not black or white for sure!

I hope your laws help girls safety and help girls controlling their choosing and they can be choosing.  In the UK the law can confusing and not help a girl.  

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